Videos filmed with XtremeRecall CCD helmet cam equipment and recorded on Archos AV700 PVR.  Filmed from either my 2003 Suzuki TL1000R or 2004 Suzuki Hayabusa Limited.

Decker Canyon Part 1  (61mb 8:03)

Take a ride up infamous Decker Canyon Road from Pacific Coast Highway...Some great lean angles!!!


Roll down Mulholland Highway to the world famous Rock Store

Videos are large in file size so may take some time to buffer/download depending on your available bandwidth.....however I assure you they are worth the wait!

Mulholland Hwy - Rock Store (small)  (17mb)

Ride up what's been called the most beautiful road in the world.  If we slow down we just might enjoy it!!!   MPH?  Don't even ask.  (Footage filmed Ventura Cnty Line to Pt Mugu)

Stunt Part 1  (36mb 4:43)

Could this be the edge of the World?...You decide!

Is this like your commute to work?

Decker Canyon Part 2  (28mb 3:42)

Stunt Part 2  (38mb 5:04)

Decker Canyon Part 1 (small) (41mb)

Stunt Part 3  (38mb 5:01)

Take a solo trip up Little "T" from Santa Clarita